Welcome to this blog www.forestmatters.in about all matters to do with forests and forestry! The actual POSTS are under the HOME TAB (see along top of the screen, immediately under the banner). Other TABS take you to a static page with background information.

A little bit about the author (myself!)... I was a member of the Indian Forest Service from 1974, retiring as the Director General of Forests, Government of India in end-November 2012. This blog is my attempt to present my learning of the main issues involved in forestry, based on my experience and further reading. These will be somewhat academic writings, not just anecdotes... I intend developing another blog for my more personal memoires, www.forestersaga.blogspot.in. That will be when I have addressed most of the major policy issues in this blog.

For more information on me, please access my Profile page on blogger.com (on this blogsite), or my LinkedIn profile here which also has downloadable pdf files of many of these blog posts as well as my other papers. These pdf's are also available at my academia.edu site here.

How to navigate this blog: the BLOG ARCHIVE list on the right hand side will take you to individual posts.  Only the recent titles are shown expanded, to see the older titles, the small arrows will have to be clicked on. The POPULAR POSTS list on the sidebar will put up a dozen most viewed post titles, that may give an idea of the range of topics covered.

Another way to get at the layout of the articles on the site is to use the LABELS cloud, that has a number of tags or keywords. Clicking on any one of them will bring up a separate screen with all posts tagged with that label or keyword. My cloud of labels looks crowded, because I have included both general sub-headings (Forest Management, Forest Economics, etc.), as well as more specific or lower-level divisions (cost benefit analysis, sustained yield, etc.). I hope to get down to sorting out my labeling scheme once the body of articles is written and published.

 If the labels cloud doesn’t seem to have the keywords you are loking for, there is always the Blogger SEARCH  button which is right at the top. Here you can type in any word you fancy, and the posts containing that word will be listed out, along with the first couple of lines. It also provides an option to further search the whole Web (from the very same screen) for the keyword you specified in your search!

I am also putting together a CONTENTS PAGE (see the TABS along the top of the screen) that will give a straightforward list of the titles that are hyperlinks to the corresponding POSTS arranged from oldest to newest (clicking on any one of them will take you to the corresponding post). I am doing this the hard way (by hand), so it will take some time!

Thank you for spending your time on this site. I hope this will be useful to both general readers, and to students preparing for competitive exams, forest officers preparing notes and reports, media persons, and so on. I do try to make statements based mainly on information in the public domain, citing and acknowledging my sources, and  trying to throw light rather than generate heat! I would love to get your feedback, suggestions, clarifications and corrections, questions, and comments on any of these topics.


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